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The Bill Hart District Website has been designed to allow you to decide how you want to keep up to date. This article will explain the various features of the site and some of the technology that you can take advantage of.

Site Layout

The site has two main sections where you will find current information.

The blue menu bar at the top of the page contains links to information about the Bill Hart District. In this section you will find a list of district units, advancement information as well as the District Calendar. These pages may change from time to time but will not change often. To access any of these topics simply click on the link. Some of the links may display a drop down menu of related topics when you place your mouse over the link.

The second row of links contains Categories. These links contain the most current information and news for our District. If you click on a category name you will see all articles in that category. You may see the same article in more than one category this is OK if the author feels the article applies to both categories. The “Featured” category contains article to be highlighted at the top of the homepage. You can see the featured articles by clicking on one of the “Featured #1″ links or by clicking on the “Featured” category. The Video category contains past “Featured Videos” that were once on the home page.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the search link located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

eNews & Updates

If you want to be notified as soon as the website is updated there are two choices. If you enter your email in the box then you will receive an email anytime new information is posted to the website. The email will contain a summary and links to the new articles on the website. This is completely optional and you can un-subscribe at any time.

The second choice for notification is the RSS Feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows websites to publish (syndicate) its content. You can subscribe to this RSS feed in numerous programs and websites that support RSS. There are many choices available depending on your computer operating system (Mac, Windows, or Linux). Google Reader is a website where you can subscribe to RSS feeds and since it is a website is does not require you to install a new program. The benefit to RSS is that you can view updates from all of your favorite web sites in one convenient place. Click the links below to find out more about RSS. If you want to subscribe to this sites RSS feed, simply click on the RSS Feed link at the top page under the search feature.

Wikipedia – RSS
What is RSS?
Live Bookmarks

Once you get set up with an RSS reader, here are the quick links to all of the Feeds you can subscribe to. Simply copy the links below and paste them into your Feed Reader when it asks for the URL of the feed you want to subscribe too.

Site Updates – News

New Comments (left by users on this site)

New Calendar Entries

New Photos

New Videos


Tags are another way to help you find information that is relevant to you. Tags are keywords related to the article. For example an article about popcorn sales would be in the news category but could be tagged with the keywords, popcorn, sales, cub scouts etc. By clicking on a tag you will see all articles that have been tagged with that keyword. A tag that is used more frequently will appear larger than other tags in the list. This is called a Tag Cloud and it makes it very easy to find relevant content.


The archive link keeps copies of all articles sorted by date. This provides an easy way to go back to a specific date and find an article. Click on a link to see all articles from that month and year


The links section provided links to other websites that are relevant to Scouting.


The photos shown on the right side of the page are several of the newest photos added to the Bill Hart group on the Flickr photo sharing website. We chose Flicker because it provides the Bill Hart members with a means to share Scouting photos. Since there are thousands of scouts and scouters in our district it makes sense to use a website like Flickr. To share your photos go to and click on the “Join Group” link. If you already have a Yahoo ID (Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger etc then you can use that ID to login, otherwise you’ll have to register for Flickr. Flickr is FREE to join.

The group on Flickr requires approval – when you request to join the group Flickr will ask you to type a message to the group administrator. In this message you must include your name, unit number (Troop 1234) and your position. If you are a parent just let us know that.

Once you are a member of the group you can add your photos to the group – if you need help using Flickr or adding photos to the group, please consult the Flicker website for support.


The district calendar is fairly straight forward. District meetings and events are listed on the calendar. Click on an event to see more information. If you want o subscribe to this calendar in Apple iCal, or any other application that supports the ICS format then click on the iCal link at the bottom of the page. You can use the XML link to add calendar events as an RSS Feed to your feed reader.